Wadecraft Alpacas

Wadecraft Alpacas are loads of fun!  It's such a joy to watch our furry friends leap and frolic throughout the pasture.  At Wadecraft Farms, we have a small herd of 5 alpacas, with each one having his or her own unique personality!  Our two males are Rebel and Casper.  The girls are Lulu, Maddie, and Mabel.  On hot summer days, they all love to play in the water and sometimes we’ll even see Maddie lounging in her pool!  Mabel is the youngest of the herd, at two years old, and definitely the most spirited.

Mealtime for the Wadecraft Alpacas is always a treat, literally!  Their favorite treats are animal crackers and beet pulp, and if you let them, they’ll nibble treats right out of your hand.  But what goes in, must also come out!  Yes, we are talking about Alpaca POO!  Because alpacas have a three-compartment stomach, their digestive systems are very efficient.  This allows alpaca poo to be used as an excellent soil amendment; it can be put directly on your plants.  We love our alpaca poo and think you will too!  Alpaca poo is definitely the gift that keeps on giving, so be sure to get yours today!  Your plants will thank you for it!!

Get your Alpaca Poo Today!  Bring a bucket or bag to the farm and we'll hook you up with an excellent soil amendment!  

Another perk to having alpacas is all the wonderful, warm and cozy, products that can be made out of their fiber.  Our alpacas get sheared once a year, in the spring.  The prime fiber gets processed into yarn and knitted into various products, such as headbands, beanie hats, scarfs, and more!  The secondary fiber or “seconds” gets processed into roving.  With the roving, we make felted crafts and dryer balls, as well as bird nesting balls that your local birds will love!  Check out our photo gallery to see lots of fun, farm photos of Wadecraft Alpacas!

Learn about the gift that keeps on giving at Wadecraft Farms | WTVC (newschannel9.com)